Episode A-05
Richard with the sign

Richard with the sign[1]

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IMDB Reference tt0538464
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Season 1
Episode 5
Airdate 23 October 1968
Previous The Experiment
Next Operation Deep-Freeze


The Champions are Down Under and Richard has infiltrated a terrorist group who have planted a radioactive device in the Simpson Desert. He attempts to arrest them whilst in a helicopter but falls out and when he comes to he has lost his memory. He comes across a derelict bar, meeting an old prospector, Banner B. Banner, who has refused to move out despite government warnings of nuclear testings, He is then bitten by a snake but Sharron links up with him telepathically and saves his life. When he regains his memory he sees that the group have got hold of the nuclear device and are planning to detonate it, in the process obliterating large occupied areas. He has three minutes to stop them….[2]


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