Nemesis is an agency formed by countries of the world to combat situations that could end in international tension or tip the delicately-poised scales one way or the other.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the top-secret department is small but powerful. It is supported by all countries and answerable to none, as it fights a relentless war in the pursuit of right and justice.

At its head is Commander Lawrence Tremayne, late of the Royal Navy and one time undercover-agent for Britain's M.I.6. Tremayne was selected because of his outstanding experience both as a field-agent and an organiser.

Tremayne's first job was to sift through the top-security agencies and select a handful of the best and most capable of the world's spies. Among the chosen few were Craig Stirling, ex-C.I.A., a young American with a dedication to physical achievement and mental awareness; Sharron Macready, of French-English-Italian descent, twenty-one, blonde and possessing one of the finest records with M.I.6, despite her youth; Richard Barrett, over six feet tall and with an excellent background of special service for many United Nations Security Departments.

These three young agents were soon to become the driving force behind the field activities of Nemesis.

After only a few months of Nemesis becoming operational, the countries of the world realised that they had made the right decision.