Project Zero
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Season 1
Episode 24
Airdate 12 March 1969
Previous Episode The Night People
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Dr. Travis is shot by the post master in a remote Scottish village as he tries to ring the police and his body later found dumped in London. He is one of several scientists who have disappeared after going to work on something called Project Zero, allegedly under government auspices but actually a rogue project headed by one Dr. Voss. Richard infiltrates the group by posing as a computer expert and travels to their Scottish base, followed by Sharron and Craig, but his cover is blown and a collar of explosives put around his neck. He is rescued by the other Champions, who discover that the Project is making a fission gun, which will detonate nuclear warheads. The Champions lead the captive scientists in an attack on the control room but Voss and his staff escape in a plane and use the fission gun to fire on the Champions.[1]


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