Shadow of the Panther
Episode A-16
Voodoo Man

Voodoo Man[1]

Production Info
Director Freddie Francis
Story by
Screenplay by Tony Williamson
Music Edwin Astley
Cinematography Frank Watts
Editor Peter Pitt
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0538469
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Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 16
Airdate 15 January 1969
Previous Episode The Gilded Cage
Next Episode A Case of Lemmings

Having contacted Tremayne from Haiti to report disturbing behaviour, scientist Ralph Charters dies apparently of fright, with his hair turned white. Sharron is sent to his hotel the Kimberley, which is playing host to a gathering of international worthies, some of whom seem superstitiously alarmed by Dumballa, a local practitioner of voodoo, who performs a cabaret act called the Shadow of the Panther. Sharron teams up with journalist David Crayley, who tells her that the bigwigs seem to tell him anything he asks as if they were in a trance, but later he too appears to have succumbed to the voodoo when he fails to recognize Sharron. By the time Craig and Richard arrive on the island, Sharron also appears to be in a very zombic state. How can they get her and the others, back to normal and defeat the exponents of the voodoo? [2]


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