The Experiment
Episode A-04

Dr Glind[1]

Production Info
Director Cyril Frankel
Story by
Screenplay by Tony Williamson
Production Code
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate 16 October 1968
Previous Episode Reply Box No. 666
Next Episode Happening


Sharron is met at an airport whilst on holiday by Major Cranmore who invites her to a large house apparently to pit her super-human skills against a - literally - like-minded group of people in a series of tests. Craig and Richard trace her to the house following the death of an intruder in the Nemesis headquarters. They have been lured there and the purpose is for the Champions to do battle with the other group of super-powered people. The outcome will decide whether Dr. Glind will attempt his bid for world domination.[2]


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