The Fanatics
Episode A-12
Production Info
Director John Gilling
Story by
Screenplay by Terry Nation
Producer Monty Berman
Music Edwin Astley
Cinematography Frank Watts
Editor Peter Pitt
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0538474
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 12
Airdate 11 December 1968
Previous The Dark Island
Next Twelve Hours


The assassination of a Middle Eastern dignitary in London is the latest in a series of attacks on high-profile figures conducted by a group known as the Fanatics. Richard infiltrates the group by posing as a known killer called Burke but when Burke escapes from prison the other two Champions race to join Richard at the group's headquarters and aid him in the confrontation. The name of the next intended victim is contained in a securely-locked safe but Sharron manages to use her powers to reveal that the target is actually Tremayne. They may not always agree with him but the Champions rally to save their boss from being rubbed out.[1]

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