The Gilded Cage
Episode A-15

Richard in his Gilded Cage[1]

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Season 1
Episode 15
Airdate 8 January 1969
Previous Episode The Search
Next Episode Shadow of the Panther


After his file is stolen from the Nemesis headquarters Richard is abducted from his flat in Geneva, rolled up in a carpet and bundled into a van, though fortunately Craig turns up at the flat and notes the registration number of the van. When Richard wakes up he is in London, in a beautiful apartment but with iron bars over the windows. For company there is a young woman called Samantha. Richard meets his abductor who tells him that, unless he can crack a code for him in twelve hours, Samantha will be killed. Mercifully for Richard, Craig has side-stepped the red herrings designed to put him off the trail, and is on his way to rescue his colleague.[2]


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