The Gun-Runners
Episode A-29

The Trio in the jungle [1]

Production Info
Director Robert Asher
Story by
Screenplay by Dennis Spooner
Producer Monty Berman
Music Edwin Astley
Cinematography Frank Watts
Editor Derek Chambers (as Derek-Hyde Chambers)
Production Code
IMDB References tt0538478
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 29
Airdate 23 April 1969
Previous Episode The Final Countdown
Next Episode Autokill


A cache of Japanese arms from WW2 is unearthed in a Burmese jungle before gun-runners kill the recovery force, planning to sell their spoils in Bangkok to international arms trader Huntington. The Champions are sent to intercept the shipment but fail. It is allegedly bound for Brussels but ends up in Africa where the Champions foil an uprising.[2]

Episode CastEdit


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