The Survivors
Episode A-07
Trapped in the Mine


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IMDB Ref tt0538486
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Season 1
Episode 7
Airdate 6 November 1968
Previous Operation Deep-Freeze
Next To Trap a Rat

The murder of three students in their tent by a lake in Austria is the latest unsolved case of homicide in the last fifteen years in that area and the Champions investigate. The popular view is that treasure stolen by the Nazis is hidden in the lake but local official Franz Reitz dismisses this. Craig and Richard are shot at as they prepare to investigate the lake, but later find a map leading them to a disused iron mine, which they enter. They meet an old man who tells them that Nazis who wished to continue the war hid a cache of weapons in the mine, but then all three are trapped by an explosion, causing a rockfall. Sharron overcomes Reitz and uses her powers to shift the rocks and joins her colleagues and the old man in the mine. They are confronted by Reitz's twin brother, a deranged colonel and sole survivor of the Nazi troop who wished to continue fighting the war. Another explosion traps the Champions in the tunnel and yet again they must bring their powers into play in order to escape. [2]


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Season 1
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